Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Justice Prevails? Only For The Privileged

Did any of you listen to or read James Comey's report on the Clinton e-mails today?  It was scathing.  He laid out in detail all that was done that should not have been. Then he ignored the most important part of the statute concerned - the one that doesn't mention intent, but rather the criminality of carelessness. Just carelessness.

For months judges and prosecutors have been articulating the rule of law concerning her actions.  She should be guilty under several counts. Never mind the constant lying about the number of devices she used and the markings or lack thereof on the documents under question.

Yet she's given a pass.  Obama said she did nothing wrong.  Well, by his standards that would be true.  He who picks and chooses which part of laws on the books he wants enforced and which parts not.  Or he takes executive actions bypassing Congress to advance his own agenda.

Then husband Bill has a little visit with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the FBI finally interviews Hillary on Saturday and the result of that lengthy investigation is wrapped up by today.  They came to their conclusion that fast after so long.  Wow.

I think Mr. Comey is not the stand up guy he's been described as. I think he caved to Presidential pressure.  I think his career with the FBI is probably stained enough that it might as well be over.

But what I think matters not.  What does is that Hillary's mishandling of government classified, sensitive and top secret information were laid out with damning detail. And the FBI could see no reason to indite or even call for a grand jury to see if charges were warranted.  The FBI then became judge and jury going against the very essence of their findings.

You wonder why I'm having trouble doing this blog?  I just cannot get my head around what our government is doing or why.  The deceit, the lies - not as an exception to the rule.  It is the rule.

This is no longer the country in which I grew up.  It has become as foreign to me as so many other countries in the world that operate for the well being of those in charge rather than the well being of their citizens.

It's tough to write about when I can make no sense of it.

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Betty said...

I think the government is merely a reflection of the people. More and more I notice that ordinary people seem to think it is ok to cheat and lie. Look at the number of governors and attorneys general who have been indicted in recent years, and are doing time for corruption. Voters usually know what their state officials are doing, and yet, they keep sending them back to their various offices, only to complain about "the system." I don't have the answer. I don't think I even know the questions any more. I believe the country is guilty of moral lapse. Who knows what can be done? Not I.