Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump's Disservice

You'd think we'd learn.  The second term of a man with no practical experience relating to governing.  Now we're being asked to elect another one.

I've long thought business experience would be a plus but not when the candidate is a buffoon. All politicians have egos, but those we're supposed to choose between beat anything I've ever seen. Trump will set back the possibility of an outsider ever having a chance again for a decade or more.  That leaves our choices to the politicians which are the problem in the first place. It can't get any more complicated can it?

Today, however, is about Trump.  The FOX talking heads tell us the few times Trump actually acts like an adult is the "real" Donald Trump. I'm not convinced.

I'm surprised his ego hasn't clued him in on the fact that he is probably going to lose the election.  At one point I thought he really wanted the job but as gaffes continue and he says he'll just go back to a very good life, I'm wondering if it all started as a joke.  That he was as surprised as many of us that he began winning primaries.  Now his refusal to act "presidential" indicates he really wants out or he's not the smart guy his colleagues would have us believe.  That his personality is the end all.  Forget about policies and country.

If he does lose he'll blame it on all of us.  We'll be bad people, really bad people.  I don't expect him to drop out, he'll just continue blaming others for his drop in the polls.

The curious thing is I don't think Hillary is a shoo in.  Between her health and the e-mail/Clinton Foundation mess, I'm thinking there is a bombshell coming sometime around the end of September or early October.

The Democrats are lucky.  They at least have some viable people to step in.  I don't know the rules for either party but I could see either Tim Kaine or Joe Biden stepping up to the plate.

On the Republican side, who knows?  I'd see a battle between Pence  and probably Cruz who had the second most votes in the primaries.  The fact that he isn't well liked by many in his party would make for another fine mess. With little time to sort it out.

Wrapping up the rambling, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see  that one or the other is out before election day.

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