Saturday, October 08, 2016

Has Old Rude And Crude Finally Done It?

Rude and crude hardly explains Donald Trump.  The latest reveal of this fact should come as no surprise considering what we've seen leading up to this point.  The only difference is this particular revelation is a bit more crude than the ones he's made in public.

We have only ourselves to blame.  We knew from the outset of his candidacy he would be an embarrassment. Yet we voted for him.  At least those who voted which was far less than those who could have.

 Those who hoped, as he moved ever closer to the nomination, that he would change soon found he not only was not going to but even so stated. That the Clinton campaign should find a video so damning should be no surprise.

Is his crudeness worse than the scandals of Hillary Clinton? Time will tell. Should our prurient interest in him overshadow the likely damage Clinton's actions have done to our security or the fact that she is congenital liar?

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.  Neither of these two candidates deserves to be president of our country.  Whether or not we voted in the primaries doesn't negate the fact we deserve better.

My gut should tell me Trump is finished but I'm not so sure.  Up to this point he has skated by no matter what he's said.  It could also be true this time.  Sure, women may be mad and insulted but will men?  Forget what they say in public.  Do they in their private thoughts think what's the big deal?

We know he has to be the top dog even it means being the most outrageous with his "locker room banter". We know he loves himself above all else.  We know those who have begun to seriously disavow him will bear the wrath of his anger.

I wish he would do as some have suggested.  Drop out and let Mike Pence be the nominee.  Time is pretty short for that to work even with his good showing in the VP debate.  But never mind.  Trump won't bow out.

If he loses every last one of us will be the reason why rather than the truth; that he defeated himself with his behavior and shunning of good counsel.

If he wins it will be because his supporters didn't think his locker room banter was nearly as important as the media would like us to believe.

Which will it be?  I have absolutely no idea.

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