Saturday, October 01, 2016

Trump - The Selfish Man-Child

This election cycle has become a regular soap opera.  You end the day wondering what Trump is going to do in the wee hours to delight his opposition.  He never disappoints.

Actually, I'm very angry with him.  He has been given the opportunity to become President of the greatest country in the world.  At least it once was.  And he's squandering it.  Because he's selfish.

He's taking it to new heights.  Seventeen other Republicans stood and took his abuse debate after debate.  Any one of them, even the weakest, would have been better for the country than this adolescent in men's clothing.

He's like the young man suffering from "affluenza" or the Stanford swimmer, both of whom were given basically smacks on the knuckles for their crimes.  One killed four people while driving drunk, the other  sexually assaulted a drugged up girl.  Neither has shown remorse for their behavior.

So it is with Trump.  While not actually committing crimes, he behaves badly and gets a pass. That being said, I have mixed feelings for those Republicans who have stood with him hoping against hope he'd straighten himself out.  What does a man like Ben Carson do or so many of Trump's other advisers with fine minds and reputations?

Trumps refusal to discipline himself is an insult to those people and to the voters who have supported him.  He won't change if he wins.  Given free reign heaven knows what he's likely to do.  The mind trembles.

Funny.  We have one narcissist in the White House now.  Who would have thought this election would boil down to a choice between two more?

Next - Hillary.

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Betty said...

I think any one of the other 16 candidates could have beaten Hillary, actually.