Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It's not such a difficult concept, you know, but it seems lost on those who govern us.

Let's start with the latest flap.  Kellyanne Conway perched on a couch in the Oval Office, feet tucked under, shoes on, snapping pictures of a group of black college leaders meeting with the President.

Shabby to say the least.  Don't any of these people have any respect for anything any more?  Decorum?  What's that?  The ones who have it aren't the Trumpites!  They are part of the Pence faction.

I don't know if my opinion of this administration can sink any lower.  Why was Conway taking pictures anyway?  She's not the official White House photographer.  Did she go so far as to take selfies with them?  Nah, that would be too demeaning. Ha.

But let's consider the President himself.  Does he respect anyone?  It isn't a judge with a Hispanic name.  It certainly isn't the media.  Nor many in his own party.  Not the Democrats.  Not his predecessor in the office. Not Muslims nor Mexicans.  Maybe Putin still holds his favor. It must be lonely, not respecting anyone.  Does he wonder, ever, why he is so disliked?

Let's too look at the Democrats. They have no respect for us or they wouldn't be playing their petulant games with Trump's cabinet nominees.  Delaying confirmation is not doing the country any good and adds to the perplexity with which the rest of the world is looking at America. Republican infighting is of no help either.

I know how we got into this mess but those who are the cause of it seem content to shrug their shoulders and say, "Who?  Us?"

The culture in Washington needs changed but this President isn't the one to accomplish it.  He needs too much change himself and it isn't forthcoming.

We have elected a man-child.  I have great sympathy for those who have accepted positions often at great personal expense. I'd like to think they believe they can control Trump enough to move parts of his agenda ahead no matter how much he tries to sabotage himself.

I wish them well.  They, at least, have respect for the Office of the Presidency if not the President.  We should all remember it is due and in most circles, expected.

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