Friday, March 24, 2017

Rocket Science? Not Hardly!

Of course the Obamacare repeal failed!  But for all the wrong reasons.  Let's face it.  The proposed legislation was lousy. I can't imagine what Tom Price was thinking when he agreed to a three part plan.  Not with the opposition as rampant as it is.

And Paul Ryan.  He's beginning to act like a little dictator.  Fortunately it backfired on him.  I won't even get into the Freedom Caucus.  They plain don't think things through.

Being a senior, health care is important to me but then I'm lucky.  I have Medicare and it works fairly well. But for the really poor who slip between the Medicaid cracks and those not quite Medicare eligible the prospects are dim.

It might have something to do with the fact those creating the legislation haven't a clue what the real needs are out among we commoners. Nor do they understand the insurance industry nor the steps medical providers have taken to protect their interests. Men shouldn't have to pay for pre-natal care, no one should be paying for hair transplants nor Viagra. Get real! We could use a lot of help with prescription costs.  These are things they could address but won't because they just don't get the nitty gritty plus it's an issue that doesn't and won't affect them.

Actually, and I never thought I'd say this, Obamacare can be tweaked and retweaked and become pretty decent legislation that will provide affordable health care for all.  So why don't the politicians get off their high horses, quit the partisan bickering and get down to business.

So they hate Trump.  Get over it.  Your legislation should have to do with the people, not Trump. And quit spouting your vow to repeal to Obamacare is the reason why you were sent to Congress.  I'd bet if you asked your constituents they'd advise you to have a plan to replace it first. It's just plain common sense.  Get some.

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