Friday, July 28, 2017

New York Must Be So Proud

Well, here they are.  Mr. Rude and Mr. Crude.  Actually they are interchangeable. My husband keeps asking me what I expect; they're New Yawkers.

Piffle.  We lived in New York and I never met a native that was as rude and crude as these two.  At least not in public.

We in the nation should be appalled at the behavior of both. Actually I would guess most of us are.  What an image they put out to the rest of the world.  At least the President has cleaned up his rhetoric to some extent.  Mr. Scaramucci needs to get with the program and do the same.  It isn't cute nor funny.  It's disgusting that a grown man would think such language is acceptable under any circumstance.  Besides, the President has enough problems with his Tweeting.  He doesn't need another bad boy to answer for. Can you imagine if these two would get into a war of words?  Talk about scorched earth!

No wonder Sean Spicer looked ten years younger on his way out the door.  I'm sure Reince Priebus will too in time.  While not unexpected I imagine for the moment he's smarting. But then no one held a gun to their heads and said they had to work for the President.  There is a hunger for power or proximity to it in all of them.

It's Friday.  Unless Bannon is given the axe over the weekend I expect things may be quiet. Health care reform is dead for the moment.  Everyone will be licking their wounds over that debacle.  Maybe the President will actually worry about what's going on in North Korea and maybe not.  Who knows.

If anything is just, however, Scaramucci's wife filed for divorce today.  I hope she takes him to the cleaners.  Maybe cleaning him out will clean him up.

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