Friday, March 23, 2018

I'm Sick Beyond Words So I'm Going To Say A Few

Yes, I'm still around.  The problem is I've been posting about politics so long and have become so disgusted with it I've been recovering from a bad case of burnout.

I still am, actually, and the fact Trump signed the Omnibus Bill this morning hasn't helped any.  For a long time I thought maybe our Congress would come to it's senses and work together for the country.  How mistaken I have been.

All the talk about draining the swamp and like discussions are all just wishful thinking.  It isn't going to happen.  When you have over 3 million people feeding at the public trough there is no way it can be drained.  Each and every one of those 3 million are going to do what is expedient for them to hang onto to their piece of the good life while the rest of us can do no more than wait and wonder.

If any outsider other than Trump had ascended to the Presidency there may have been a chance.  I actually agree with a lot he says he wants to do for America.  The problem is he is who he is, his own and our greatest obstacle to succeeding.  It's hard for me to garner any respect for the man much less hail him as our President.

The handwriting is certainly on the wall.  The Left is most likely to oust the Republicans in the midterms.  Those of us who consider ourselves independents lose.  Will Trump lose?  Hard to say since in many respects he's more of a Democrat than a Republican and it's impossible to know what exactly it is he believes at any given moment.

Climate change, global warming,  gun issues all pale in comparison with what is really the biggest threat to this country and the world.  It's what our politics, politicians and their sycophantic media are doing to our country.

It isn't easy being green, the color that is.  I can find no comfort in the attitudes and actions of either party any more.  It's as if the country is just an aside.  Except for those of us who aren't a part of the ever expanding swamp.  Heck even alligators are green.  What does that tell you?  Of course they were in the swamp first.  Maybe they don't appreciate the interlopers who are taking over. I wish we had the  alligator like ability to scare the wits out of them by bearing our teeth!

Just thought I'd touch base today.  I'm still here.  I'm still angry, disgusted and perhaps most of all sad at what is happening to this once seemingly invincible nation.

Invincible.  Sigh.  Talk about wishful thinking.

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Word Tosser said...

what scares me is.. the people still think the Emperor still has clothes..