Monday, May 21, 2018

Ah, Dogwalk - How You've Changed!

When I began this blog I had a Saint Bernard named Bacchus.  My husband wanted to name him god because that's how we revere our pets but I could just hear the reactions when I'd be inclined to shout "goddammit" when he misbehaved so we indulged our taste for the grape and named him after the god of wine - Bacchus.

Every morning we were  home in northern Idaho, regardless of weather, Bacchus and I would take about a two mile walk.  Back then we actually knew our neighbors, because of those walks, and often stopped to chat if they were in their yards.

When the blog came along I wrote a lot about those walks; observations I made or just the random thoughts that might pass through my head. Nine years passed like it was nothing and suddenly he was gone.  It didn't seem possible.

I decided to keep the blog and its name in his honor but boy, did the tone change.  Suddenly I discovered politics and not particularly liking what was happening locally what's more nationally, I immersed myself in it.  Stress, anxiety and pure disgust prevailed. Several times in more recent years I've taken a hiatus just to get a grip.  Too often I returned in the same vein. Occasionally I tried different approaches but I always seemed to either tie the subject to politics or reverted back to politics entirely.

Even now.  I'm even tired of ranting because it no longer brings relief.  It's like the lava vents in Hawaii.  It relieves pressure for a period but it's already rebuilding before the spewing is even finished.

Now I just feel like commenting on the lack of civility that has permeated our society - the political partisanship and the criminality at the very top of our governmental agencies that seems to be the norm now rather than the exception.

I read today Trump may not run again.  That begs the question, currently being asked mostly of the Democrats, who do the Republicans have to run? Same old, same old. While I don't like Trump as a person, I do give him credit for shaking things up and marvel at how dysfunctional his opposition has become.  It would be funny if it weren't so serious.

Is there hope with our young people?  I have little faith in that when Megan Markel refused to follow British tradition and showed a total lack of class by refusing to curtsy before the Queen.  Feminist that she claims to be does not absolve her from common respect and British tradition considering she married into the family.  The class in that encounter came the from the Queen.

Ah, Dogwalk, how the times have changed.  When a man as rude and crude as Trump can be married to a woman as beautiful and classy as Melania can rendezvous with a porn star is beyond my comprehension.

I'm way out of my class, that's for sure.  However, this addiction to blogging is going to continue.  I've some comments on school shootings I'd like to get off my chest.  Next time.


G. F. Francis said...

Nice to see you back.

Mari Meehan said...

Thanks! It's nice to know someone reads it .