Friday, November 23, 2018

We Will Always Have An America

I can't believe the last time I was over here on my blog was in August.  I just could not handle the decline of civility within the ranks of our media and politicians any more.  I had to walk away from it.  Uttering opinion, any opinion, became so dangerous it didn't seem worth it.  I believe that is still the case.

No matter how tattered and torn our country has become though I do see glimmers of hope.  Unfortunately it comes under the worst of conditions.  Natural disasters.  There is a lesson to be learned.

The southeast has been inundated with storm damage be it winds or floods. The west has been devastated by wild fires.  All seem to have become an annual occurrence.  So where is the hope?

It's certainly not with the fiasco in Congress over the Kavanaugh nomination nor the Russian collusion investigation which dominates the news.  That bit of nastiness seems never to stop.  While Kavanaugh is finished, at least for the time being, and Russia rolls on, the Democrats are salivating over winning the House and already boasting about the havoc they are just waiting to unleash.

Meanwhile out in the America, where I live, the people are showing that ultra politics have no bearing on the lives they live.  No politics are involved what-so-ever in the selfless acts of people helping people.  The latest example of course are the fires in California.  Where thank you signs are posted everywhere in a heartfelt hat tip to the firemen who have been on the lines for what seems like forever.  Thank you.  Imagine that!

Then yesterday, perhaps the crowning moment, was seeing the fire crews coming in from the line, cleaning up then going on to serve the fire victims Thanksgiving dinner. This, you political and media types in your bubble, is America.  It's what we're all about.  Not what you want us to be for sure, but what we are.  People.  Doing the best we can and helping those in need as best we can.  No thanks to you.

I salute all the volunteers who came out to help.  Guy Fieri and the other celebrity chefs who and lent their talents, to the celebrities in Malibu who came out to help others.  Didn't it feel good to leave politics behind?  Didn't it feel good to see the gratitude shown by the people being helped.  Not because of your celebrity status, but because you helped.

I hate to think we've sunk to the point we need these disasters to remind us what America and Americans are really all about but at least it is something good that has risen from the dregs of disaster.

Remember those signs.  Thank you. No one had to ask for the help.  It was there.   It was their job, yes.  But no one had to put a gun to the heads of those who have those jobs.  They took them because that's the type of person they are.  Just plain ole Americans who are what they are and do what they do.

Thank you!

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