Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ponder of the Day 1

Pardon the pun. I'll probably have these often. So. Why do people who have no respect for CC and Rs in a neighborhood and no intention of abiding by them buy in a neighborhood that has them?

The more I read about Joseph Duncan the more nauseated I get. I've very mixed feelings about the death penalty but this guy ... To those who say its cruel and unusual punishment what would you call what he did to our neighbors? I don't even want to hear about an insanity defense. The time he spent planning this atrocity certainly convinces me he knows right from wrong. And if he was so concerned about his demons overtaking him why didn't he seek help? It was certainly there for him. He flat out didn't want to lose them (the demons).

A local columnist checked out the registered sex offenders in our county. I checked out what she checked out and cringed when I saw how many live within a five mile radius of us. I wonder how many unregistered ones there may be!

On a more pleasant note - my neighbor's restaurant should be open soon. She stopped as large dog and I were walking to give me an update. If she finds after all this restauranteering isn't to her "taste" she can be a consultant to those who want to try. She can certainly forewarn them of all the pitfalls they'd likely encounter.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading Main Street. It's pretty incredible the number of registered sex offenders in our community and the number of them who look "normal".

KRT, Local Columnist :)