Sunday, March 05, 2017

What About The Country??

I literally want to pull my hair out listening to the selfish, self-serving antics of our government.  Both sides.

True.  Trump isn't the greatest. He's a man-child but we elected him.  That the Democrats and Obama are bent on destroying his Presidency is appalling.  I know he isn't helping matters with his incessant tweeting with loose words and an even looser handle on facts but he's going to continue doing it.  Those who are in his inner circle have to learn to work around it.  And to anticipate it.  They need a war room like Clinton had so as soon as he tweets something they're on top of it instead of the media.

The Democrats, in their way are just as bad.  I don't know who is holding what over who's head but for them all to march in lock step tells me there is no thought being given to anything other than destroy, destroy, destroy.  We don't need to manufacture robots.  We've a whole Congress full of them.

And Mitch McConnell, get some guts and get the remaining cabinet officials into their offices. You don't have to put up with the Democrats delaying actions.  Put a time line on it and move forward.  Sheesh!  Do note he got his wife confirmed a while ago.

I know, I know.  It has been awhile since I've written much of substance but what is there to write about other than the inanity of it all?  I keep seeing images of Rosie O'Donnell screaming, "Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!" at some rally or Barbra Streisand complaining that Trump is making her gain weight.  Man, the substance of all this just escapes me.

But that's what I hear. Health care?  Does any one really have a clue?  I think it's all posturing because there is no plan and it's no more than a stalling tactic.  Rather than reforming the TSA the pat downs are going to get more invasive?  Is that actually possible?  And have those pat downs actually caught anyone that was a potential threat to the flight they were going to board?

I can't stand it any more! I really can't.  There's a country out here waiting for all those promises to become reality.  Is it going to happen?  I have my doubts. You have no idea how much it hurts to have to say that.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It's not such a difficult concept, you know, but it seems lost on those who govern us.

Let's start with the latest flap.  Kellyanne Conway perched on a couch in the Oval Office, feet tucked under, shoes on, snapping pictures of a group of black college leaders meeting with the President.

Shabby to say the least.  Don't any of these people have any respect for anything any more?  Decorum?  What's that?  The ones who have it aren't the Trumpites!  They are part of the Pence faction.

I don't know if my opinion of this administration can sink any lower.  Why was Conway taking pictures anyway?  She's not the official White House photographer.  Did she go so far as to take selfies with them?  Nah, that would be too demeaning. Ha.

But let's consider the President himself.  Does he respect anyone?  It isn't a judge with a Hispanic name.  It certainly isn't the media.  Nor many in his own party.  Not the Democrats.  Not his predecessor in the office. Not Muslims nor Mexicans.  Maybe Putin still holds his favor. It must be lonely, not respecting anyone.  Does he wonder, ever, why he is so disliked?

Let's too look at the Democrats. They have no respect for us or they wouldn't be playing their petulant games with Trump's cabinet nominees.  Delaying confirmation is not doing the country any good and adds to the perplexity with which the rest of the world is looking at America. Republican infighting is of no help either.

I know how we got into this mess but those who are the cause of it seem content to shrug their shoulders and say, "Who?  Us?"

The culture in Washington needs changed but this President isn't the one to accomplish it.  He needs too much change himself and it isn't forthcoming.

We have elected a man-child.  I have great sympathy for those who have accepted positions often at great personal expense. I'd like to think they believe they can control Trump enough to move parts of his agenda ahead no matter how much he tries to sabotage himself.

I wish them well.  They, at least, have respect for the Office of the Presidency if not the President.  We should all remember it is due and in most circles, expected.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Hollywood Shouldn't Preach

Hollywood.  The Oscars.  You've got to love it.  They made a mess of it.  Jimmy Kimmel made fun of names.  They mistakenly announced the wrong film for best picture.  They honored in the memoriam a costume designer who is very much alive.

If this is what happens at their annual self-congratulation fest, when they've had an entire year to put it together, maybe they shouldn't be so quick to bombast the Trump administration.  After all they've been in power only a little over a month.

I hope their political posturing falls on fairly deaf ears.  You can't help but hear them because they hate the new administration and are very vocal about it.  Therefore the media gives them voice. However we can allow it to go in one ear and out the other.

For that matter a lot of what Trump says deserves the same because he changes his mind as soon as someone with a stronger voice gets his ear.  Fortunately that seems to be happening with some frequency for he has put some good strong people in positions of power.

The Oscars?  Eh.  They aren't what they used to be.  Glamor and great films no longer reign.  It has become politicized and angry.  Where's the fun in that?

As for the opinions of the stars?  They're mostly interchangeable and far to the left.  I've often wondered how many of them have set up foundations to help those less fortunate.  I'm sure some have but you don't hear about them.  Perhaps I'd have a more positive opinion of that community if I did.

Until that time I'm enjoying that for the moment they have to stop and clean up the egg on their collective faces.  They look no better than the President.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Maybe It Isn't The "Reporters" Faking The News

So Mika Brzezinski thinks it's her job and those like her to control 'exactly what people think'.  Wow! What arrogance!

I have been listening the media cry out about how a free press is necessary.  That's true but they also have an obligation to be unbiased in their reporting.  Many claim to be.  And many are.

I think what has happened with 24 hour news sources is that actual reporting has gotten its lines blurred with commentators.  Brzezinski is a commentator, not a reporter.  What she has to say is opinion and not necessarily fact. Actually most news anchors are no longer reporters.  Or sure, they go off on special assignments but most of the time they are news readers and as such so insinuate their own slant.  It's not just one source, it's all of them.

I think the real reporters, the investigative reporters are too busy trying to do their job to be household names.  It's the commentators/talking heads who we have in our living rooms in the evening and if a cable channel all day too.

They all try to shape our thinking to mesh with their own.  They often shade the truth, or worse, to succeed.  Therefore, depending on who we listen to we need to dig deeper.  That's no easy task these days.  I actually get a more accurate take on what's going on here from the Financial Times of London even with it's liberal slant.  It's a British newspaper and they hate Trump but that's coming from their columnists.  Their news is straightforward.

It has now been said.  Loud and clear.  By an MSNBC personality.   That is telling unto itself.  The goal is to tell us what we should think.  If you think Trump is the stuff dictators are made from ~ think again.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Who IS Your President?

I'm so weary of demonstrations.  I know we have the legal right to protest but I can't help but wonder if the people really know just what it is they're protesting.  Of course they are not the majority but they sure as heck are the squeaky wheel!

I also wonder how many of them actually voted and if they can indeed name the policies of the Trump administration they are so against.  They have demonstrated quite clearly they don't understand, or don't want to understand, the immigration deal.

I don't care for Trump either.   And yes, I did vote.  But neither for Hillary nor Trump.  But now we have Trump and that a segment of the population is against him has been made abundantly clear.  I'm tired of hearing it.  There is no  much noise it's hard to hear what's going on that's really important.

There are signs that Trump isn't all bad.  He has put in place a very strong national security team.  That's an admission on his part that he has no experience in that area.  He has brought in other extremely strong people for his cabinet and the games being played in Congress to drag out confirmation only hurts the country.  These people need to get to work.

People like George Soros and rumored "shadow administrations" fostering unrest, leaking confidential information and funding demonstrations in order to derail the new administration are doing nothing but hurting the country.  There is business to be attended to and delaying it by purposeful disruption is detrimental.

Trump won.  Whether or not you like the way he won doesn't change the fact.  Isn't it time to give him a chance to get his administration together, cement policy and move forward? Quit responding to sound bites, tainted truths and ill will.

Trump is the President.  I am an American.  And trite as it may sound, he therefore is my President.  Period.  He is also the President of all the protesters whether or not they like it.  Period. Get real, settle down and if you're lucky enough to have a job, get back to work. Period.