Friday, November 23, 2018

We Will Always Have An America

I can't believe the last time I was over here on my blog was in August.  I just could not handle the decline of civility within the ranks of our media and politicians any more.  I had to walk away from it.  Uttering opinion, any opinion, became so dangerous it didn't seem worth it.  I believe that is still the case.

No matter how tattered and torn our country has become though I do see glimmers of hope.  Unfortunately it comes under the worst of conditions.  Natural disasters.  There is a lesson to be learned.

The southeast has been inundated with storm damage be it winds or floods. The west has been devastated by wild fires.  All seem to have become an annual occurrence.  So where is the hope?

It's certainly not with the fiasco in Congress over the Kavanaugh nomination nor the Russian collusion investigation which dominates the news.  That bit of nastiness seems never to stop.  While Kavanaugh is finished, at least for the time being, and Russia rolls on, the Democrats are salivating over winning the House and already boasting about the havoc they are just waiting to unleash.

Meanwhile out in the America, where I live, the people are showing that ultra politics have no bearing on the lives they live.  No politics are involved what-so-ever in the selfless acts of people helping people.  The latest example of course are the fires in California.  Where thank you signs are posted everywhere in a heartfelt hat tip to the firemen who have been on the lines for what seems like forever.  Thank you.  Imagine that!

Then yesterday, perhaps the crowning moment, was seeing the fire crews coming in from the line, cleaning up then going on to serve the fire victims Thanksgiving dinner. This, you political and media types in your bubble, is America.  It's what we're all about.  Not what you want us to be for sure, but what we are.  People.  Doing the best we can and helping those in need as best we can.  No thanks to you.

I salute all the volunteers who came out to help.  Guy Fieri and the other celebrity chefs who and lent their talents, to the celebrities in Malibu who came out to help others.  Didn't it feel good to leave politics behind?  Didn't it feel good to see the gratitude shown by the people being helped.  Not because of your celebrity status, but because you helped.

I hate to think we've sunk to the point we need these disasters to remind us what America and Americans are really all about but at least it is something good that has risen from the dregs of disaster.

Remember those signs.  Thank you. No one had to ask for the help.  It was there.   It was their job, yes.  But no one had to put a gun to the heads of those who have those jobs.  They took them because that's the type of person they are.  Just plain ole Americans who are what they are and do what they do.

Thank you!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

When Did Not Growing Up Become Acceptable?

Never in my ever shortening life have I seen so many supposed adults acting like self-indulgent children.  It isn't just Donald Trump though he certainly seems to be leading the parade.

It's truly frightening to see how many people close to my own age are indulging themselves in this new pattern of behavior.  Look at some that surround Trump.  Rudy Giuliani for instance.  He just cannot bring himself to keep his mouth shut.  Of course I guess it's difficult when one's foot is usually in it.

It amazes me that these people don't see themselves in those they excoriate. The Democratic leadership for example.  The word positive is no longer in their vocabulary.  From Schumer to Pelosi, every word uttered spells doom and gloom. It gets worse with members of the Black Caucus.  How can people be so filled with hate?
Let's not forget Hillary who has yet to admit that she might be at least minutely responsible for her own loss.

Then the media.  The histrionics displayed daily on MSNBC and CNN in particular make me wonder why these people aren't given downers before being allowed on air.  The FOX personalities are no better.  Dobbs gets apoplectic on a nightly basis as do Hannity and Ingraham.  Man, it's exhausting trying to watch them - never mind that its the same stories ad nauseum day in and day out.

Let's not forget the FBI and Mueller and the invisible Department of Justice.  They are so intent in getting a free ride to the tune of millions of tax payer money they've forgotten what justice is supposed to be about.

All of them, every last one of them is acting like an over indulged child who knows there will be no consequences.  That is because we have no recourse since they have exempted themselves from consequences that would put the rest of us in jail.

At one time I thought I'd see my generation coming to the fore and bringing back a standard of honesty and decency but my generation's front men are among the most egregious offenders!

I don't blog so much any more because it's painful. I barely read or watch the news for the same reason. I have never seen our nation in such a precarious state.  The athletes kneeling during the national anthem don't get it's the wrong protest for what should be a legitimate cause.  Our politicians can no longer bring themselves to be pragmatic.  The media either no longer knows how or just doesn't care to be objective any more.

So I wait and hope the pendulum on the old clock isn't totally beyond repair and will soon begin to swing back toward the center. Perhaps the mid-terms will be an indication but I fear this ship of state is going to take some time to right itself.  I'd like to be here to see it.  I probably won't.

And you know what?  The child within needs to stay there.  Within.

Friday, June 22, 2018

I'll Miss You Charles

Actually I've been missing him ever since he took leave of his place on FOX's Special Report panel.

My heart was broken when he told his followers he'd not be back.  The end was near and inevitable. To me his absence created a huge hole in my sources for critical thinking on all things political.

I didn't always agree with him but I could never fault his manner.  I noticed a lot of moist eyes among his colleagues who reminisced about him yesterday after news of his death emerged.

How fitting, in a way, that it was on the first day of summer for one of his passions was baseball and the boys of summer.

There is nothing to be said about him that hasn't already been said.  He was a good man, a kind man and a fair man.  Who can possibly take his place?  At this moment the Right, the so called Conservatives have no one.

What about the Left?  Who have they ever had, really?  They do have someone who is trying to have his voice heard. A Democrat who like Charles finds his party leaving him.  I cannot imagine him embracing the Conservative cause; he's an academic after all.  He is also an attorney of some renown and an avid Constitutionalist. I listen to him whenever he is on air - or try to.  Again, I don't always agree with him but he's also honest and forthright.  Just like Charles.

Who might this be?  Alan Dershowitz. The Left and the Right would do well to listen to what he has to say.

Who knows, maybe FOX will add him to Special Report's panel as a contributor on a regular basis.  They could do far worse.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Who Death Selects

I sit here, the day before my birthday, and wonder why I will be celebrating it and so many people far more accomplished than I wont' be around for their next one.

It has been a tough week for the well known beginning with the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain followed by the announcement from Charles Krauthammer that he has but weeks, if that, to live.

The causes are different.  Suicide for Spade and Bourdain.  It is heart wrenching wondering what demons within drove them to it.  What angst is going on inside a person's head that would lead them to such a horrendous finality?  More than that, why don't they reach out for help?  Why do they suffer in silence?

After the fact there are always indications to be considered but it's too late. In so many cases it's a waste of a valuable and productive life.  Of course all lives are valuable, each in their own way, but some are more exceptional than others. It's especially puzzling to me now when so much is being said about suicide prevention.  Maybe we just aren't looking far enough.  Maybe we're looking too much for those who appear troubled and not enough at the potential in all of us.  I don't know.

Then there is Charles Krauthammer who has lived an exemplary life while over coming extreme adversity as a young man.  He is bright, oh so bright, and compelling to listen to.  I don't always agree with him but more often than not I do.  It pains me that such a man is about to leave us because of that godawful cancer.  Again, why a man like him?  A man who contributes so much good.  There are so many who contribute nothing more than self-serving chaos yet they seem to go merrily on forever with nothing consequential happening to them until a more normal lifespan has run its course.

Is it the times?  Are we too stressed out that something snaps and we don't even know it?  That seems too simplistic to me, but again, I don't know.  I've thought about what would drive me to end my own life prematurely.  Even with dread disease, I'm not sure I could tie the knot, pull the trigger or even take the pill. Maybe one day I'll find out.  Maybe not.

All I do know is it has been a dreadful week.

Friday, June 01, 2018

CBS - Say It Isn't So! Keep Jeff Glor!

So CBS is thinking of dumping Jeff Glor as anchor of the evening news yet they're willing to keep Samantha Bee?  What a perfect example of a skewed set of values.

After a long day of doing whatever has occupied my time, I do like to sit down and catch the news.  I'm not crazy about any of the networks.  Forget cable unless your a glutton for hyper repetition.

I've accepted that network news is liberal centric.  That being said, I've chosen CBS mainly because I find Jeff Glor a pleasant, mild mannered anchor.  I like the fact that a good heart wrencher will actually make his eyes mist.  I think I'd like him.

I don't give NBC much credibility and while Lester Hold is okay,  I can't help but think he's their acclamation of political correctness.  ABC's David Muir is just too frenetic for me when all I want is calm.  I can get my fill of that a bit later on FOX beginning with Hannity.

It's all ratings of course.  After the initial spike in ratings after the oh so boring Scott Pelly moved on, he settled right back down to the same old, same old. With Pelly I wanted to pull the next word out of him.  There's soothing and there was Scott.  Jeff seems to be a nice balance.

Of course the advertising dollar figures into it also.  My demographic isn't the most highly sought but one thing for sure, my demographic watches news far more often then might be thought.  Especially news on television.  I don't know many contemporaries who stream anything on their devices if they even own one. I know my eyes couldn't handle watching much of anything on a tablet for very long and forget my phone.

All I can do is hope they come to their senses.  Let Samantha Bee and her foul mouthed attempt at humor go and keep Jeff Glor.

I fear, however, such hope is wasted effort.