Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Round 'N Round We Go

Came home from Missoula yesterday to find a notice taped to our mail box announcing a public hearing for a zoning change on the prairie. This would be regarding land surrounding Atlas, Boekel and Batchelder. Basically in our back yard and in unincorporated Kootenai County. "They" want people to file objections.

As I walked this morning I noticed how many were still taped to mailboxes soaked from the frost and fog. Of course there were a lot of phone book bags still laying around too - those had been delivered days ago. Says something about the neighborhood don't you think?

Several things came to mind. The notice was unsigned so I have no idea of who put it out. I thought there was a moratorium on five acre building parcels on the prairie. Where are the commissioners on this?? But then I could be mistaken. It does mean farmers are selling more land. If they don't want the development and the burning hassle is too much they could change crops. Now I understand grass farming is easier than a lot of other crops but gee, you can't have everything. Just because Dad and his Dad, etc. etc. did it doesn't mean it will go on forever. Times and circumstances change.

As far as stopping the change of zoning there is a point for those of us who bought on the prairie being from out of the area and totally unaware of the controversy. More concentration would force the utilities and services to actually pay attention to us. That would be a pleasant change of pace. Street lights might get repaired, our cable signal might be brought up to snuff, speed limits enforced, etc.

This isn't a blame game. It's just a bunch of thoughts that occurred to me. It reminds me of my journalism 101 days when were were taught the ditty who, what, when, where and why. Press release rules - an order with a reason. This prairie business seems to have no direction nor leadership nor reason. It's every interest for itself. You business gurus out there advocating professional leadership at the County level, where are you? Piece mealing like this is what is allowing development to win. If Hayden, Rathdrum and Post Falls annex more land and the sewer lines are extended - it's all over but the shouting. Then you'll not have 5 acre developments to allow for sewage dispersment. You'll have 1/8th acre clusters like maple seed pods - and the Southern Californians that are so disparaged here may actually look elsewhere. Frankly, I'd rather make them feel welcome.

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