Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Administration That Stole Christmas

The talking heads keep asking what action might resurrect the Presidency. Frankly, I don't think its possible. Forget the war and the worldwide saber rattling and just come on back home.

We thought Michael Brown as head of FEMA was a dismal failure. Well, whoever is in charge now isn't exactly distinguishing himself. This shouldn't be a training exercise or a test case! Why can't the red tape be cut and the trailers delivered? Why can't teams be sent back in to recover the bodies they missed first time around so that those families who are returning don't have to find them. How can they put time lines on this when they can't put a time line on ending the war?

If they had spent some of the money placing the trailers that they spent on housing refugees in hotels we might be further along. HOW DARE THEY EVICT THESE CITIZENS ON DECEMBER 1. Where are they to go? How are they to pay for it? They were herded into stadiums, treated like livestock, shuttled to places unknown and dropped. Those who have decided not to return to their homes for whatever reason may have found jobs and housing in their new locales. But there are the poor, the undereducated and under-skilled who might have a glimmer of a chance if they could return to the environment from which they came. But how are they to get there. Is FEMA going to bus them back? If not why not? Logistics you say. Cost? Well, you created the mess. Fix it. Maybe the congress could take more aggressive action than merely changing the wording in the Transportation Bill to make it appear they aren't funding the Alaskan bridge to no where. But they are leaving all the money for "other uses". So Ted Stevens is angry. Let him resign. Maybe so many Alaskans wouldn't be coming south. I thought it was because they got tired of the cold and long winters. Maybe they're just tired of Stevens. Easy solution. Vote him out.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The hurricane displaced are no doubt going to be giving thanks that they are still alive. Good thing Thanksgiving comes before December 1st.

The President would say "We're gonna stay the course." It would be a whole lot easier if there were a course to be stayed. Sound familiar?

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§§§quirrel said...

unpredictable "insurgents" or these armed gangs, not the offical Iraqi millitary are unapproachable, apparently they just open fire first... what do we do about them, Just wait till they decide to take the "war" to our soil? NO >> "We're gonna stay the course"