Sunday, November 13, 2005

For Heavens Sake, It's Sunday!

I usually don't post on Sunday any more but I'm prompted to today - of all days - because of the diatribe going on since Veterans' Day. Dave asked that we honor our vets rather than engage in antagonistic exchanges. Seems fair enough to me. But the request was ignored and the conversation rages on into today. Another day when we should all be showing tolerance for one another's' views.

When I was a kid, a time in which many today wouldn't have been comfortable, we were taught three things that were not to be discussed in public. Religion, politics and how much your Dad made. Heck, I didn't even know nor did it occur to me to want to.

There were demands made of me however - manners and civility being among them. This is part of the "lost world" I search to rediscover in my morning musings. That Dave has strong beliefs we may not all agree with is no excuse to attack those beliefs, nor the man. There's too much venom being spewed in the name of our deities in this world at this time to last to the ends of the earth. I had a good historical reminder watching The Crusades on the History Channel last night. We've been at one another's throats since day one. Can't we get away from it for just a bit in a venue provided to us gratis with so few strings attached you hardly notice them? If you want to take the religious values of others to task at least make a civilized and educated argument.

I'm not trying to be holier than thou or overly moralistic. I just think we can be more considerate of one another, less angry, less judgmental. But then of course I do have a live in Saint.

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