Thursday, December 29, 2005

A New Venture For A New Year

This post is primarily for the "senior" readers of this site - and probably predominantly women. On December 16th my post was titled "Golly!" and spoke of the fun I was having with a new friend. In discussing the response with her we thought it might be fun to reiterate our adventures of discovery to show there's life in the old bones yet - and as a way to learn the territory and the people. No complaining nor politics allowed - just plain fun.

For any who may be interested, click the link for Grand Old Ladies Living Young or go to Wortosser has been a fabulous booster; if anyone has suggestions of where we might go and what we might do that's out of the ordinary - let us know. There's enough about the mainstream attractions - we want to find what's tucked away in the little known burgs and various other nooks and crannies!

The old dogwalker isn't going away nor is her faithful fuzzy faced companion but every once in awhile an escape from the harsh realities of life becomes a necessity of life. I hope you will join the journey every now and then.


Patches & Mittens said...


My Mom just made my furry own blog. She is an animal lover too! She knows this Cis person as well..up here in A State of Winter.

BobW said...

Go east to the Flying Circus Aerodrome near Bealton Virginia, a couple hours outside Washington DC, and take an acrobatic ride in an open-cockpit biplane. Stick around for the afternoon show which features, among other things, wing walking.

At the nearby Warrenton Soaring Center you can strap on a sailplane, but reservations must be made well in advance and there are bound to be sites nearer you with better and more consistent up-currents (properly called "convection" or "thermals."
Ask for a lesson, not a ride, so that you get some stick/rudder time.