Monday, December 26, 2005

This Belly Feels Like Jelly!

Wow! I'm looking forward to a week of doing little more than letting Christmas dinner and left-overs digest!

It has been a great holiday season in our household. Lots of snow when we went to cut our tree. Fortunately for me since the 21 foot monster I was supposed to "support" felled me along with itself. Bad hip, back and all was saved by the two feet of white stuff under us. We trimmed lower limbs so we had some extra greens - and so we could get it into the truck.

After man-handling it into the house we found it was still a couple of feet too tall. We pushed and pulled until it cleared the ceiling enough to get the angel on top and admonished fuzzy face to be extra careful in his roamings. Three hours later the family member who climbs tall ladders had the lights strung and the top decorated to the point I could pitch in. Two days later we had the decorating done.

Winter began officially and the rains came eliminating what we were sure was going to be a crisp and white Christmas. Instead it looked like Thanksgiving with decorations. Come to think of it, that's when a lot of decorations are put up anyway. We just don't tend to rush these things.

And so Christmas Day came and went. Everyone got what they wanted, a surprise appeared here and there, good food and wine and an overall feeling of mellowness all to rare.

So now onto New Years. My only resolution is to do no worse than the year just past and continue to work toward betterment. Bacchus and I will keep on walking and wondering and maybe, just maybe, figure a few things out.

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