Monday, January 16, 2006

"Contempt Of Congress" From A Different Perspective

Pooch and I enjoyed the eastward part of our walk this morning, soaking up a smidge of vitamin D from what we used to refer to in Seattle as a sun break. It's gone now. Sort of like the naive hopes I had for reform stemming from the current rash of scandals in Washington.

Then I thought about watching Chris Matthews' Hardball Friday evening and listening with dismay as his guests explained the Republican strategy for cleaning up the mess. Remove Tom Delay from leadership and wait. Don't forget he's going to seek another term.

If that doesn't quiet things down the pressure shifts to Ohio's Ney. Wait again to see what shakes out. Well, Ney bit the dust. Who will they reluctantly turn out next?

I do know if Roy Blunt gets DeLay's job as permanent Republican House Majority Leader the Republicans' have no intention what-so-ever of instituting any type of reform. Politics as usual. Can we hold the whole party, nay, the whole Congress, in "contempt" of the American people and the principles they were elected to uphold?

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Word Tosser said...

It really puzzle me, their choice. I thought Blount had as dirty hands as the other two...does that mean he will fall over soon too, or will have his dirt swept under the rug if no one yells his name in vain?