Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gays Abandoned

The articles in the Saturday morning CDA Press and The Spokesman Review regarding the Gay Straight Alliance group disturbed me no end. For those of you out of the area this is a club at a local highschool established to provide support for and understanding of gay, lesbian and bisexual students. Two of the club's adult sponsors were invited to speak at the North Idaho Pacyderm (read Republican) Club.

The reasons for opposing the Alliance were many and to me some of the most ignorant and idiotic I've heard come out of this community in quite awhile. I will stick my neck out here and make an assumption - gay people are born, not made. Just like some of us have blue eyes, others brown; some of us have white skin, others brown. Some of us are physically drawn to our own sex rather than the opposite. It's how we're made.

Assumption aside now, that these adults actually believe this organization endorses the "gay lifestyle among impressionable teenagers" or that "it's creating a breeding ground for pedophiles" is the most frightening and disgusting thing of all.

The "tent big enough for all" party has already alienated the Log Cabin Republicans - the gay and Lesbian Civil Rights group. Could it be they don't want Gays and Lesbians and Bisexuals to vote Republican at all? They've probably succeeded locally. This in a community that boasts of its Human Rights Education Institute!

More than that - it's about our kids. These are indeed their sexually formative years. Those feelings are difficult enough to deal without the added complication of having feelings you're told are "wrong" or "sick" or "dirty" or "evil". If there are teachers here who are willing to help youngsters work through their feelings, understand them and come to terms with them and where the kids feel understood and safe, bravo!

What's incredible is in this day and age such vile intolerance and bigotry still exists.


Word Tosser said...

It seems the more thing change the more they are the same..

Vonnie said...

Bravo to you. Good thoughts! Thank you for sharing. Take care of your cold :)
(fairly frequent reader)

Anonymous said...

For all the homilies and propaganda put out by the gay community I have found FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE as a child that many gays are pedophilic. I was first approached by a gay man at the age of 11 years old . He said that he could " recognise another gay" and proceded to molest me. He was not the last gay man to molest me as a child. When are people going to realise that all the propaganda in the world will not hide the truth.