Monday, March 13, 2006

Moon Madness - March

It's that silly time of the month again. Full moon - this month it's The Full Worm Moon or The Full Sap Moon. The name comes from the observation that the worms are just beginning to emerge from the ground. The number of Robins that have descended in our yard attests to the accuracy of that idea. Also it's the time for the sap flow from the Maples in New England. And furry face is absolutely running amuck with new found energy.

I vote the "Full Moon of the Month" award go to the legislature for picking and choosing amongst specialty license plates. In addition to the $6000 an organization has to pony up for the privilege, there is an additional $25 tacked onto the $35 to $60 you shell out in the first place. Don't forget the additional $15 on every renewal. Okay, there's probably more to the issue than this but picking and choosing whose cause is more worthy seems discriminatory to me. If you're going to do away with some do away with all. The organizations would lose; some big time. Would the DOT gain enough to offset the good will? How much does it actually cost to produce a license plate anyway?

Runner up - It's against the law to take rocks from Lake Coeur d'Alene but not the moon.

And finally the "Full Circle" award goes to the UN's Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination; they ruled the U.S. was failing to respect an international anti-discrimination treaty which it became a party to in 1994. Apparently we've been riding roughshod over American Indian rights and exploiting their ancestral lands in the Western United States! Who knew?

Coming next month - The Full Pink Moon. Oh, boy. Remember to click the pics to enlarge.


stebbijo said...

LOL -- I did not know it was against the law to take rocks from Lake Coeur d'Alene. Where did you get that one? Now, we have to watch for the rock police.

Mel said...

A friend of mine who lives in Canada posted in her own LJ her memory of when her grandfather would take the sap from maples :) (around this time, I mean, that's why she remembered)... Personally, I wouldn't have known you could do that...


There are no property rights on the moon, and besides, it's for science ;) Although, I think I once heard that some Japanese businessmen were gonna purchase some acres!