Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This Kroc Has Cracks

A million here, a million there - pretty soon it adds up to real money. This in a community who wouldn't fund a jail expansion and wouldn't pass a school levy.

What kind of architect designs a plan without knowing whether the hole proposed as a site for the Kroc Community Center was to be left empty or filled in? What happens when the rush to attain the unsustainable begins to sink if the fill wasn't properly compacted?

What happens when it becomes apparent that the San Diego model isn't appropriate for a community the size and income level of Couer d' Alene or even encompassing Kootenai County? What other costs are city officials going to be caught off guard by? What are actual memberships going to cost? What are the programs going to be and what are they going to cost over and above membership fees? They don't want to reduce the size of the facility or the programs. What are they specifically and what will they cost - actually?

Monies and land swaps have already been finagled to avoid conflict of church and state issues. If money is borrowed to buy the fill and the cost of the work it has to be repaid. With what?

This mayor promises no taxpayer money will be spent. She is not mayor for life. That's a dangerous pledge. What happens when the housing bubble slows and Jobs Plus can't bring in jobs to support the families who would use the center? We have no growing industry here. We are a service based economy with too many minimum wage jobs.

Careful, or we'll need the salvation of an army to bail us out.

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