Friday, May 05, 2006

Vacation Is Looming

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Here it is Friday again and not a posting to be seen. Been busy getting ready to go. We thought about pawning Bacchus for gas money but found we'd not get enough to leave town. Scratch that idea.

We thought about trying to get by on charm and good looks. That wouldn't get us TO town. Scratch that. Guess we'll just bite the bullet, drive the speed limit and do what we're supposed to do on vacation - enjoy.

I'll be missing Mother's Day and the full moon and the daily diatribes on Huckleberries. I'll be coming back to spring planting and mowing a lawn I expect to be knee high. Hopefully rested and ready for the summer. Maybe - just maybe I'll drag it back even if it's still kicking and screaming.

So - see ya!!

1 comment:

Mel said...

Cool! We have winter break coming up, but not until July, hehe... Although I think I'm finally gonna get two weeks instead of one, like in college...

See ya, have fun ^^