Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ban Lifted

The ban has been lifted but the damage has been done. Always the optimist, I look for the bright side of things. If there is one here it should be the easing of the minds of any doubters who voted against Gus Johnson. You did the right thing.

What has concerned me about this whole sorry episode is that the local level is where corruption and the abuse of power begins. If it isn't stopped in its tracks here, those who participate and move on to higher office take it along with them. That's how we end up with the mess we now have in Washington. Why else would the Republicans be defending a Democrat who was literally "freezing" assets from a bribery scheme! I wish we could get rid of the whole bunch of them and start over again.

At least we've made a start locally. I doubt Mr. Johnson will seek elective office again. If he does, the blogging community will be watching. He can count on that.

I'm keeping the purple ribbon on my side bar. Maybe Stebbijo will come up with a better one but no matter; it stays. In May 2006 a Kootenai County Commissioner banned a blog site from county computers. We had best not forget lest it happen again.

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Mel said...

Congrats ;) Did he see the light or did someone take it to a higher authority? (sorry if you said and I'm asking again, I've been distracted lately)...