Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Dark Side of Light

The CDA Press has a front page column pulled from the AP called "The Light Side". I usually skim it and often find it not so light. Today's offering I not only find not light - but offensive. But then I am an animal lover.

The location is not mentioned but it could be here as well as anywhere and anywhere is unacceptable. The argument was over roving pets. Party 1 was concerned that roving dogs would try to attack his rabbit hutches. It hadn't happened, mind you, he was just worried it would. Party 2 didn't confine the dogs so Party 1 shot one and burned him in an incinerator.

The police filed no charges. Party 2 was incensed at the extreme measure so painted a sign stating "My Neighbor,..., House On Left Up On Hill (arrow) Shot My Dog, Then Burned It" and posted it on his property. Another neighbor complained. It isn't clear whether the complaint was about the roving dogs or the shooting but no matter. Party 1 shot another dog. Another sign was painted that read "...Dog Killer Ahead On Left, Two Shot and Killed, One Burned."

I've been told I don't understand the north Idaho mentality. When a newspaper prints something like this as "The Light Side" I agree that I don't. Nor do I want to.

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