Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Spokane Unzipped

I don't know if its in the air or the water or what that makes it so difficult for the men serving the public in Spokane to keep their zippers up. Note the illustration. Up.

First there was the mayor with his propensity for young men. The citizenry did have the good sense to give him the boot.

Then there was the firehouse sex escapade where a married fireman had sex in the firehouse with a very young lady other than his wife. The police were most helpful in this incident by having the accused delete the pictorial evidence from his digital camera. The fireman and the police got a pass. Oops.

Now, according to Tuesday's Spokesman Review, we have a married sheriff's detective accused of exposing himself at a coffee kiosk to a much younger barista. Just trying to build a relationship, he explained. He was not arrested because he wasn't considered a flight risk. He was, however, allowed to vacation in Montana. After all he admitted he had over stepped his bounds.

There is much talk about our laws not having enough teeth. Those in position to exercise them don't seem to either. But zippers do. Maybe they ought to be shown what teeth can do!

Read the story here .


Bill McCrory said...

That mopus erectus is 52 years old and married. The woman is 23. And he thought the way to develop a relationship with her was to expose himself to her? Fire him ... first from the department, then out of a cannon. This clown has delusions of adequacy, but he has no judgement. And what's with not arresting him? He says, "I'm headed to Montana on vacation," but he's not a flight risk? Spokane ought to start its own soap opera. They could call it "As the Badge Turns" or "Dumb, Dumber, and Spokane."

Word Tosser said...

You know...just when you think they can't do any worse..... they prove without a doubt, they can. Unbelieveable.