Tuesday, June 27, 2006

When I'm Wrong, I'm Wrong

Okay, when I'm wrong I am wrong. The CDA Press , in an article exclaiming the Ironman Competition will return, outlines how much the city pays for the privilege. I was honestly surprised at how much the city absorbs. No wonder the Ironman is a for profit undertaking!

As for the Post Falls issue, I'd be curious to know if the profits from the event, after expenses really benefits the city to much of an extent or if the event has been imposed upon them.

I'm not meaning to take away from Ironman, the volunteers nor the participants but it might not be such a rosy scenario for businesses other than bars and restaurants. In conversation with a gallery employee we were told the week-end was a bust for them. Ironman fans weren't shopping for art. Not surprising. We stopped at the Beacon to see what it was all about. No bar munchies nor cocktail napkins. We stopped to check out Beverly's since it's redo. No munchies; no cocktail napkins. No cocktail napkins! At Beverly's! Come on!

Hmmm. I guess the money trail doesn't lead to the niceties that attracts we more mature types to town. The bright side is, I guess, we won't be assaulted after leaving the Beacon, the new hot spot, right in the middle of town as happened to a man early Monday and reported in the Spokesman Review's "In Brief" column.

Sometimes being a "prairie home companion" isn't so bad at all.

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