Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Shorts

What's the saying - "Familiarity breeds contempt"? The U.S. has enough image problems without behavior like this!

...or this. You can almost feel Blair recoiling from flying bread crumbs and probably the coming fallout from "open micitis".

How can stem cells that are to be washed down the drain be called murder and this dead Iraqi child not.

I move on to the flap over Kootenai County Commissioner Gus Johnson's lack of sartorial finesse. Anyone who has been out in the business world - the real world - knows that casual dress is on its way out. Know why? It has been found that sloppy dress coincides with sloppy work. If the shoe fits...

Take a lesson from Bermuda.

And finally, how can we even begin to give permission to developer Marshall Chesrown to move ahead with the second phase at his mega resort, Black Rock, when the first phase is so out of whack as outlined in the Guest Opinion column of yesterday's Coeur d 'Alene Press. I'd provide a link but they charge you to pull up the archives.

I have something to say about that too...but not today. It would not be short.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lord am I tired of Mr. Bush.
I sure hope we will survive the next two years