Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You Ought To Be Ashamed!

I am sick and tired of this Administration's governing by fear. It has gone too far when critics of the war are equated to those who would have appeased Hitler as the headline in today's Spokesman Review attests. Here is the full text of the speech from which the headline came, given by Rumsfeld before an American Legion Convention.

With the elections nearing the rhetoric is ramping up. Karl Rove is in his strategizing glory and the neo cons are polishing up their delivery skills for the daily talking points - fear, fear, fear.

It might do us well to ask just which war we're talking about. The one against the Taliban right after 9/11? Remember they were the government in Afghanistan at the time and would have revealed Bin Laden's where abouts had they been given proof he was involved. You don't need no stinkin' proof, is the essence of our reply. And we didn't get Bin Laden.

Or is it the War Against Weapons of Mass Destruction we knew they had? Well. Yes they did. Back in 1983. Because we gave the weapons to them!

Or is it the War For Regime Change that was planned a full year before 9/11? Or the War Against Terrorism? Or the War Against Islamic Radicals? Or the War Against Islamic Fascism? Just which war is it?

At first anyone who wasn't in lock step was merely unpatriotic. Now we'd appease the Nazi's. Wait a minute. This is like the pot calling the kettle black. Who had one of the greatest propaganda machines in the world? The Nazi's. This propaganda is coming from OUR government. Who is listening in on our phone calls and reading our e-mails carte blanche? OUR government! Who's uniforming our troops and putting them in harms way like the Red Coats of old England? OUR government. Under this Defense Secretary it's like we learned nothing about how to fight a modern day war from Viet Nam. Guerilla war. Our advesaries learned.

I support our troops with every fiber of my being. I oppose everything about this war; the rational has changed so many times no thinking person should be expected to believe any of it other than Bush wanted to prove something to Dad. In fact, for the U.S. to initiate a war goes so against the grain of what this country stands for I've been appalled since day one. I AM patriotic and I sorely resent that any American citizen, be it an individual such as myself or a member of the media or anywhere in between, who dares to question should be categorized as one who would appease Nazis.

If you think my anger is misplaced here is a compilation of quotes made by administration officials about our "wars". You'll note it is from a "political humor" site. Political. Absolutely. Humor? I don't think so.


Betty said...

We are so on the same wavelink, it's spooky. This whole administration is just wrong, and I believe a lot of their behavior is downright criminal. Donald Rumsfeld is outrageous.Let's just be thankful that George W. Bush doesn't have the speaking skills of Bill Clinton.

Bay Views said...

As a Republican, I still agree with you. Bush is somewhat out of control.

tumblewords said...

I watched a newsperson interview a young mother who was working two jobs to stay off the streets. She said she voted for Bush the first time and she'd vote for him again because, although he'd done a bad job in his first term, she wanted to give him a second chance. Hellloooo?