Friday, October 27, 2006

The American Dream

Remember when this nation was thought of as the great melting pot? The place where people from all over the world could come and find the American dream? Where any kid could grow up and become President?

How we've strayed from that image. Yet. Maybe, just maybe there is hope. This election is not yet over but there is an inordinate amount of excitement being generated for the 2008 Presidential cycle. Excitement. Imagine that. All because a first term Senator from Illinois has stated he has thought about running for President.

Wow. He's bright. And refreshingly articulate. He has a degree in Political Science with a specialization in International Relations. The press who has been following him as he campaigns for others love him. They like his mind set - he listens and he processes information. That would be a change of pace.

Barak Obama. He is bi-racial. His mother was white, his father black. How's that for the melting pot?

Should he run or wait? Some say he lacks experience. Others say he's the fresh face with the fresh ideas we so sorely need. I've been thinking about that. He has the education. And not a gentleman's "C". More years in the Senate gain him nothing. Look who we have and their baggage. Hillary - Bill. Kerry - how bad he was as a candidate last go round. Geroge Allen - Macaca. McCain - lack of conviction and a tendency to do whatever is politically expedient for his ambitions. Gore - which one will he be this time? Edwards - Kerry's running mate. Gingrich - how many wives has he dumped? Ho-hum.

I'm not suggesting Obama is the end all but he is worth a close look. Ah, yes, the American Dream. That any kid could grow up and become President. And maybe a dream that has been lost to us for the past few years may recurr - that we may have an able leader who inspires us to return to what we once were - the greatest and most respected nation in the world.

More Obama - less Osama. Now thats a dream worth having.


Thailand Gal said...

I like Barak Obama. I like his social consciousness, his perspectives, his honesty. His book 'Audacity of Hope' gives a good indication of the kind of man he is, how he believes and what brought him to those beliefs.

Unfortunately, I don't think he will ever make it to the presidency. He's not rich enough, not "white male" enough, not cutthroat enough.


Thailand Gal

tumblewords said...

It's time for a Camelot rerun. We've been sorely lacking in obvious decency and hope. Audacious has a nice ring.

Betty said...

The more I hear about Obama, the better I like him. He definitely has one thing going for him, in my book. He hasn't been on the scene for very long. Maybe not long enough to be corrupted. We need lots of new faces in Washington, not just the same old faces we see every election year.

stebbijo said...

I remember an obscure email about this man. It just might make a difference. I hope it is all true.

Word Tosser said...

A nice person for President, what a wonderful concept. Has enough Washington D.C. to be leery, but not so much to be jade. Yes, he does sound like a good choice. And I don't see anyone else on the horizon who can claim such things.