Monday, October 02, 2006

High Horses Displace High Ground

Once upon a time we held our public officials to a higher standard. If the standard they are maintaining is higher, the next thing you know nut cases will be going into schools to murder our children!

I particularly like the picture. It was on the Huffington Post summary I get in my daily e-mail. Looks like a halo is taking flight from a dismayed Boehner and Hastert! Since most of these sterling characters claim direct lines to the Almighty perhaps he is beginning to listen! Would that the voters follow suit in November!

Just think. If we voted out every member of Congress that is under investigation for illegal, immoral or fattening behavior we could start anew. How novel would that be.

There should be plenty of profit from their ill gotten gains for them all to check into alcohol rehab. That seems to be the immediate refuge for offenders these days - Patrick Kennedy recently, now former Rep. Foley. Equal opportunity rehab; no Party excluded!

Remember these lyrics? "...The evil gin does would be hard to assess, besides it's inclined to affect my prowess"? In the case of the Foleys, et al, we can only hope.


Betty said...

You and I are certainly on the same wavelength.

Thailand Gal said...

They say sunlight is the best disinfectant. Getting rid of the whole lot of them might be the best answer.

Thailand Gal

Mel said...

that picture is so beautiful in its sadness, and it's so true...