Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Peak Vs Pique

It has been a bit of a day off today. The TV hasn't been on since the morning weather check. Visited with some neighbors. The birds are still bathing in the waterfall basin, the fish still coming up for food. Bacchus is asleep at my feet.

Not all the trees have turned. The colors aren't quite peak but probably as close as they're going to get. Having just been out front I glanced at our little island of shrubbery and thought "How tranquil."

Just a little touch of fall beauty "as the days dwindle down to a precious few; September...November..."

Oh yeah. And then elections! Think I'll go back out and enjoy it while I can.


Thailand Gal said...

LOL, yes. Elections. Somehow I've managed to ignore them for several years. Hopefully this upcoming catfight won't be a challenge.

Thailand Gal

Mel said...

oh you mentioned spring in that email... yes, spring is halfway around the corner now, just as fall peeks its own little nose around yours.

"come on! that's it, don't be shy." a child of leaves, with golden locks and little blushing cheeks.