Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blind Justice Or A Blind Judge?

One more go round on the story that's finally becoming a story. I've been posting about the plea deal for the 21 year old man who alledgedly picked up, carried for 10 feet and dropped a 17 year old girl, who he thought was a Jew, in a camp fire.

The Spokesman Review sent a reporter to Boundary County for the sentencing. There has been a tremendous amount of conflicting information in the various papers but today's mostly mirrored the first.

The accuracy of reporting aside, the issue of crime and punishment is far greater. Remember all the fuss when a drunk Mel Gibson lambasted police officers during a traffic stop and disparaged Jews as a whole for being the cause of every ill the world has ever known? He was sick, filled with hate, anti Semitic, his box office would disappear, no one would ever go to another of his movies and on and on.

In this case the man wasn't even arrested. Charges were brought only after intense pressure from the victim's family. The judge determined his acts as youthful indiscretion and it wasn't a hate crime because the girl wasn't Jewish - it was the man's assumption. Also, she ruled that the girl hadn't actually been thrown into the fire but dropped on a log from where she proceeded to roll in.

Hello?? Fortunately the family and several human rights groups are going to press the issue where ever is appropriate and every citizen in the state should lend them support.

The judge? Whether she should be retained or not was on the ballot Tuesday. As of this morning a fellow blogger reported to me that the count at the time was some 7000+ to retain her versus 2000+ against.

I've heard much of the inbred legal shenanigans that go on in the counties to our north. I have no doubt that what I've heard is true. It is an embarrassment and a shame on the people who allow these people to continue in office. But they probably do because they are afraid of the consequences of fighting them.

We've been fighting terror in Iraq so we don't have to fight it here? Good thing. We have our own home grown terror.


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stebbijo said...

You are right about being scared of retaliation.

Unfortunately the folks in that area DON'T CARE what the world thinks.

Anonymous said...

Please keep us updated on this. It's absolutely unbelievable! I assume when you mention "several human rights groups", you are including SPLC?


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