Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What Is She Thinking??

Grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. Already.

I have this theory, you see. As goes Nancy Pelosi's success as the first female Speaker of the House, so goes Hillary Clinton's Presidential ambitions. Mrs. Clinton has a lot of her own baggage to overcome. Herself. Her husband and maybe the most difficult, the fatigue of having family dynasties being created by the Presidency and failing. First we had Bush 41 who's administration spiraled downward with the "no new taxes" broken promise, an arrogance of power and a week vice president.

Hope emerged with the relatively youthful Clinton/Gore team but ended spiraling downward with a lie, Monica, and a weak vice president.

Well, heck, let's try another Bush. This one hasn't even finished with us yet and we're looking at maybe trying another Clinton? I don't know. Maybe some new blood would be preferable. Being female and wanting to be the first female President may not be enough.

Clinton could, however be helped along if Nancy Pelosi proves to be an able leader and strong Speaker. So what does she do before the Republican Congress has even turned cold? Creates an in-party fight over potential leaders and chairmanships. The two most prominent of these is Jack Murtha, basically a one note song, over more moderate Steny Hoyer for Majority Leader and Alcee Hastings for the House Intelligence Committee chairmanship over Jane Harman who is the ranking Democrat on the committee.

Murtha is under investigation for lobbying improprities regarding appropriations and Hastings was impeached and removed from a Federal Judgeship on bribery charges.

I know, I know. The argument is that she should have her own team. But how could she have already forgotten the profile of the newly elected Democrats? How could she not be smart enough to be neutral with the most controversial positions? And how the heck could she be so out front for men who are apparently ethically challeneged??

How could she hold the Democrats up to such ridicule before the new Congress even convenes? The cracks in solidarity now have their beginnings. Don't think the Republicans aren't well aware of it. There will be little room for progress and good will when internal rifts need constant attention.

Here we go again. Good luck Hillary. You're going to need it. You've met the enemy and she is...woman.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. If I planned to still be here in 2008, I would not vote for Hillary. There are some very specific reasons for that, some you've already mentioned. It's time for new blood, new liberalism ~ not the same old stuff with a different colored bow. Honestly, I'd have to go with Barack Obama at this point. Being a female isn't enough to get my vote for Hillary.



Word Tosser said...

I agree completely.... and what is with the Murtha? He grabbed her and hugged her and she looked like she was cringing.. so why did she go with him... Maybe she is not as strong as everyone thinks she is...
Hilary get my vote...NOT!!.

Bill McCrory said...

Interesting developments today. Steny Hoyer was chosen over Jack Murtha.