Saturday, December 09, 2006

What Goes Around Comes Around

There used to be a time when actions had consequences. Public officials were held to a higher moral authority than the rest of us. It would seem those days are gone. The mantra "Do as I say, not as I do" has been replaced by "Do as I say; I do it too".

The House ethics panel admits House leader Hastert, his staff and just about everyone else in and around Congress knew of former Representative Mark Foley's inappropriate contact with House pages and did nothing about it. For months, if not years.

They have also decided to hold no individual accountable.

Is it any wonder our local Prosecutor has given a pass to his deputy and other staffers for circulating what amounts to "kiddie porn" around the office because it was a "joke". Excuse after excuse has been lifted to the wind - one can't keep tabs on all the e-mails. Impossible task. Sorry. That is just flat out not true. And it is NOT a joke!

But if the feds can get away with a sorry state of morality so can the locals. Baby's with their privates showing is not a joke. A homosexual Congressman pursuing pages is not a joke. Humiliating and torturing prisoners is not a joke.

We're on a downward spiral in this country. The arrogance of those we've elected is catching up with us. When the generation before mine has to be summoned to suggest a way to order for an immoral war, we have much to worry about. When ego and legacy become more important than country and community I fear we will not have much of either.


Phil said...

But isn't it nice that Bill Douglas apparently has a sense of humor?!

Yes, that was sarcasm

Thailand Gal said...

That is where fierce individualism and disregard for community will lead ~ every time ~ historically.. over and over.



Word Tosser said...

And PEOPLE!! PEOPLE are crazy... down south they just re-elected that guy named Jefferson. He is the one who had all that money in his freezer, that the Feds found. No charges (brings a new meaning to cold cash) and the people voted him back in?? What is with that?