Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Flat Jessie Needs Help

Or rather her Great Aunt does! I can use all the help my fellow bloggers might be good enough to give!

Here's the deal. The real Jessie's 3rd grade class read a book about "Flat Stanley". It's a story about a boy who gets hit by a falling bullitan board and is flattened. He goes on a lot of adventures as a flat person, she tells me, because he could fit in an envelope. So everyone in the class has made a rendition of themselves and sent them off around the country.

My assignment is to take pictures of myself and Flat Jessie at interesting places then write about the adventures. Now, my dilemma is I haven't looked at the world through nine year old eyes for quite some time and could sure use some suggestions as to where I might take her.

I have to have it back to the real Jessie by February 14th so there is some time. Hopefully the weatherman will cooperate with clear roads so I can get out and about! I'd love for my own Great Niece to know that Idaho is not Indiana nor Iowa and that our area is very special indeed.

If you'd leave any suggestions in the comment area or e-mail me at dogwalkmusings@mac.com I'd be forever grateful! Thanks all!

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Word Tosser said...

Triple play... it is all games for kids... or next to CDA resort sign... or does Cda have a town sign?