Friday, January 12, 2007

Hot Dog!

December 28 Bacchus became joined his Mom and Dad as an official "senior". Since Saints aren't known for longevity I was mildly uncomfortable with this landmark birthday.

He battles yeast infections in his ears a lot and started out New Years Eve with an upset stomach and the "end" result that has lasted on and off for a couple of weeks.

Then came his "senior" exam. We combined it with due shots, switched meds for his ears and got him on some colon calmers. The bloodwork came back yesterday. He's more fit than either of his parents!

A dog is considered a senior at seven. Forgetting the new math and using the old formula of seven years for one human year, he would be forty nine. Maybe we all ought to look at that! It would make for more retirement years and quite possibly more in great health with which to enjoy them!

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Betty said...

Happy Birthday to Bacchus! What a beauty he is. I hope he has many more birthdays.