Saturday, January 20, 2007

Political Correctness Run Amok

Leonard Pitt's column this morning struck a sour note with me. Why is it we are so inclined to bow and scrape to foreigners on our soil who demand we cater to them?

The latest case in point are the Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis who refuse to take a fare if they are carrying liquor. If they have a job driving a taxi they should take any fare hailing them unless there is a clear and obvious danger. Send them to the back of the line seems to be one solution. Another might be to color code cabs so you know which one's won't take you with your six pack of vintage wine from your Napa Valley vacation. Piffle!

The column goes on to state that they won't take fares with seeing eye dogs because dogs' saliva is impure. Well, fellas, get another job. Or go back to your homelands and drive a taxi. One well placed fare might get you seventy virgins. Would that be preferable to you? If not, you're in America now. Leave your religous beliefs at home or choose a different line of work.

To see how a taxi driver should do his job you might find the experiences of one of our local bloggers enlightening. I'd catch a ride with him anytime, anywhere. He's smart, compassionate and honest. I doubt he ever fudged a route to raise a fare. He speaks English.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of "big city" taxi drivers that should take a lesson from him.


Betty said...

I have to agree with you, but how about our Americans working in pharmacies who refuse to fill certain prescriptions, i.e. birth control pills and morning after pills, because it is against their particular morals? They need to find different jobs, too. Nothing wrong with the way they feel, they just don't need to force it on their customers.

Word Tosser said...

They should just do their job... next thing the waitress won't wait on you because she doesn't like your looks.