Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Right Time

I don't know if I believe in divine intervention or not but if there is such a thing, it is certainly happening now.

I have watched every Presidential funeral since John Kennedy and whether I was a supporter of a particular President or not made no matter as to the impact the ceremonies and tributes had on me. The same can be said about what we've been witnessing the past few days.

I can remember no other time in my history where we needed the coming together of the nation as we need it today. That it takes the death of a President is the shame of it. But I think the purpose is being served. The remembrance of who and what the man had been; what he meant to our country along with the respect and dignity that has been shown is being witnessed by the world. The world who has been deriding us and not without cause. But they are seeing how we pull together to honor one of our own; a fallen leader.

One can only hope these past few days and the inherent meaning of them are not lost as early as tomorrow. This is not the country of a Saddam Hussein; we do not hate one another nor our leaders. We can disagree with them energetically and vocally and not fear for our lives. We mourn for the good who have led us - across party lines, philosophical lines. In the end what is remembered is the good - for this is America and it's the way we are. Gerald R. Ford was one of us. Rest in peace, Mr. President. And thank you.

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Phil said...

Happy New Year from another Idaho blogger!

Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your posts over the past year. Looking forward to more great blogging in 2007!