Friday, February 02, 2007

The Eyes Have It!

Today begins the second week of new, improved vision! The cataract surgery went very well indeed. The surgery was last Thursday morning. I was driving by Monday. No heavy lifting for another week but other than that all is well.

The most disconcerting thing is running around with glasses with only one lens. They popped one because with the new lens in my eye my vision is corrected. The lingering effects are having to sit across the room from my computer to see the screen clearly and I'm still a little sensitive to bright light. But it's so great being able to tool around and realize I'm seeing so well without a lens correcting the eye!

The most lengthy part of the procedure was the four sets of drops that had to be applied and the time between each set. They did sting a bit but it abated almost instantaneously. A valium kept me calm. I don't think I really needed it but I took it anyway. With me one never knows.

I was awake during the procedure and listened with fascination as the surgical staff chitchatted away. No pain but seeing the whole operation take place was eerie.

I was sent packing after regaining steadiness. A tote bag had post operative instructions and a rather nice pair of dark glasses. A mug with a cheery little flower arrangement was an extra nice touch. A patch covered my eye and had to be put on for a few nights as a protective measure. A follow up on Friday was done to remove the patch and make sure everything was as it should be. It was.

Drops applied four times a day have now dwindled to two and will be finished when the vial is empty. As many times as I missed while applying them that could be tomorrow!

This coming Thursday I'll have another check up then that should probably do it until my right eye is "medicare eligible".

All the while I could do my physical therapy and continue the acupuncture treatments. More on that soon. Here's lookin' at you...!


Word Tosser said...

One eye down, one to go.... and then you won't need glasses? that is cool.
Glad things are coming along for you.

Betty said...

Congratulations! I didn't know how blind I was, really, until I had that operation. A couple of years later, I had to go back for a laser treatment on each eye, but that was a snap. No pain, no anesthetic. No problems since then.

Chani said...

It's awesome surgery! I had it in my right eye a few years ago... Now I'm due for it in my left. It's quick and easy though ~ and the results are worth any minor inconvenience. :)



Mel said...

(grrr! my comment won't post! >.<)

hiya ^^ i think i'd have to be knocked out with cloroform (sp?? that looks too literal a translation xD) to undergo eye surgery. i hate the pricks of needles to begin with, and there's no numbing drug for the prick of the numbing drug xD ah, fractals of numbing drugs...

cheers! ^^

Bill McCrory said...


Did you get the super-cool wrap-around black glasses that keep the wind out? My dad had cataract surgery a couple years before he died, and the opthomologist gave him some of those glasses. I still have them and wear them myself when out on the boat fishing.

We're glad your surgery went well and you can see better now. It's really remarkable what lasers and other microsurgery techniques have made possible. Because they are more precise and less invasive, they not only correct the problem but dramatically reduce the discomfort, extent, and duration of recovery. They also reduce chances of infection.

Bill & Lisa McCrory