Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hope Isn't Just In Arkansas

Okay. Be honest with me now. Would you cast this man on the "Sopranos" or as the Communications Director for a Presidential candidate? Would you want as President the person who uses this man as spokesperson? Don't you love the image? Scraggly beard which I'm sure must be the current "fashion". Pin striped suit. I'm sorry but he reminds me of the stereo-typical mobster. And yes. He does belong to a Presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton.

I'm not a Hillary fan. I'm not a Clinton fan. I don't want another one in the White House what's more even the remotest possibility that Elliott Spitzer, Governor of New York, might appoint Bill to the Senate to finish out Hill's term should she be elected. Can you imagine what it would be like with Hill in the White House and Bill as Democratic leader in the Senate? It's the stuff from which nightmares are made.

Actually I've been reading that Hillary does not come across at all well when she has to share the limelight. And through her spokesperson, she whines. Not very attractive. That gives me hope. That and the tactic of attacking a former friend, David Geffen, for speaking his mind, and suggesting Barak Obama return the money from a fundraiser Geffen co-hosted because of it.

They say this is going to be a very down and dirty campaign. Under the guise of clean and uplifting and issue oriented of course. But to suggest $1.3 million dollars be returned because a citizen was exercising free speech is so ludicrous I question the brains of the war room strategists who thought it up! It's so lame it's laughable. What isn't laughable is it's a taste of what will be coming the next two years. And it's a sample of what is going to be coming out of Hillary Clinton's camp. Caveat Emptor.

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Betty said...

It's going to be a lo-o-o-o-ong two years. Hillary has at least two things against her - Bill and the fact that she's just not very likeable, and that comes across wherever she appears. I want to see a woman become president someday, but not necessarily Hillary.