Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Big Brother IS Watching!

And sister, aunt, uncle and random citizens! The electronic age has developed to the point where your actions are no longer sacred, nor secret. It is somewhat frightening. With cell phone photography what it is, no one is safe from scrutiny. For politicians it can be unintentional suicide. We had the George Allen Macaca moment during last year's campaign season. We have the John Edwards hair episode. Allen lost his political career. Edwards just might.

It must be frightening for the candidates to watch the power of You Tube emerge. The Hillary 2008 spot was made to look like it came from Obama's people. That has been denied though the spot has been all over the tube the past couple of days. If you're not listening to the report to put it in context you might think the same.

What you haven't seen is the same treatment given to Obama by a Clinton supporter. Watch them both. It's a bit more crude; nothing that a campaign would put out but it was on You Tube the day after the Hillary clip appeared.

Successful "swift boatings" by organizations were not unusual in the last Presidential election. This year it looks like individuals are going to get in the game. How will the non computer savvy voting public be able to figure out what's what? Will candidates be able to address the issues or will they be consumed with issuing denials for un-authorized, mean spirited and less than accurate You Tube clips?

Talk about Candid Camera!

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Word Tosser said...

What is scary this time around,is this and bloggers... if bloggers can get rid of a long time column writer from a long time magazine.. the Outdoor Life. Imagine what will happen during this presidential race.