Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kissin' Cousins

Every once in awhile something happens that kicks my blogging nonsense up a notch. It happened to me on Saturday. I recieved an e-mail from a British lady with a love for Newfies and an interest in Lewis and Clark because of the unbelievable Newfoundland, Seaman, who accompanied the Corp of Discovery throughout their entire journey. He was certainly made of stouter stuff than Bacchus!

She has been working for two years tracking projects that included Seaman in commemorating the Expedition. During her search she came across the website of Kathleen Dahl of Eastern Oregon University. She's one of our INWBA folks and had a fabulous site on the Expedition. Kathleen had written of the chess set I had carved and of course the post is still in her archives. The interest was because I used Seaman, in eight different positions, as the pawns for the Corp of Discovery side of the set. Hence the e-mail from Great Britain asking if she could have some pictures to include in the book she is putting together.

This is project being undertaken because of a love for the breed. The book isn't going to be sold, just given to friends and those who love Newfs. I fully understand. Bacchus and I were more than happy to provide what we could. I can't wait to get my copy!


tumblewords said...

What fun! It's the six degree trick again. Amazing!

Word Tosser said...

How cool... see how far you go...around the world, gal.