Thursday, March 22, 2007

Set Backs and Steps Forward

Suddenly the hair spray incident has evaporated for John Edwards. If, as I had suggested, there might be a tad bit of self absorption there, it has certainly been cast aside as the measure of the man.

The recurrence of Elizabeth Edwards cancer brings home the vulnerability we all share - no matter our station in life. They have made a tough decision. To carry on John's campaign. I understand the need for normalcy. Politics is just that for the Edwards. I understand the need for a positive outlook and the need to keep busy. To not lapse into self pity and despair. I understand the courage, strength and discipline that will be required as time moves forward.

It will be a most humanizing exposure of this husband and wife in an arena that does its best to diminish character. Politics. I don't yet know what I think of Edwards as a Presidential candidate. His stand on the issues will determine that.

What I do know is that Elizabeth Edwards is a phenomenal woman. She well knows the pressures of the campaign. She's letting us know how strongly she feels about her husband's qualifications to lead this country. She is putting him before herself. That is belief, faith and love in its highest form.

I wish the family well as they face an incredible challenge with grace and dignity. It is not often a family tragedy is opened up to the scrutiny this will receive. It is bittersweet indeed. We, the people may or may not be rooting for an Edwards presidency, but I dare say there is not a one of us that is not rooting for Elizabeth, John and their children to conquer the demon that has once again enveloped them.


Word Tosser said...

This is going to be a no win situation...
There will be those who will be upset that he didn't step down and be with his wife. Knowing the stress is the fastest of cancer spreaders.
There will be those who will think this is a sympathy tactic to bring in votes.
And there will be those who will vote out of sympathy. Politics is a very cutting business.

tumblewords said...

So true, Mari. They make a nice spot in a dirty spin.