Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Of Pups And Posture

There was a great article in the paper entitled Yoga Classes help dogs relax. I thought, "Wow! A lot of friends have recommended I try Yoga for my back problems. Maybe this was another activity I could share with my Bacchus!"

It talked about how dogs love to be touched and how they were able to get all kinds of dogs to calm down. The humans use their dogs as Yoga props. Classes even include gentle stretching and doggy massage. Poses are modified for both humans and dogs to compensate for different sizes and abilities. Sounded wonderful though our size and abilities are not dissimilar!

The instructor cautioned to not be too ambitious; to honor your dogs space and to remember that dogs respond to our energy. Uh oh.

Oh well. It was a thought. I realize Bacchus already responds quite well to my energy. The pictures tell it all. I guess I'll stick with my physical therapy.

Spring is here. There's reason to get up, out and enjoy. There are birds to chase, newly unearthed scents to explore and a ton of yard work for mom. The energy increases with fresh air and sunshine.

Now if we can only get our eyes open!


Betty said...

Bacchus does look pretty laid back, at that. Any more relaxed and he'd be comatose, from those pictures. I wish I could relax like that.

Word Tosser said...

It is hard to get excited with the weather man changing our weather from sun to snow to sun again... I think he is just waiting for the sun to stay.