Monday, April 16, 2007

Spinning Out Of Control

Wow. The whole world is spinning out of control. We have everything from unwarranted wars to bloggers sniping at one another. We have blood sport being made out of unfortunate comments. We have children being horribly abused, starved, even blown to bits. We have cops abusing the citizenry, families murdered in our neighborhoods and now the mass slaughter at Virginia Tech.

Just when it seems it can't get any worse it does. What has gone awry? There is nothing in my upbringing, be it scholastic or spiritual, that has prepared me for the degree of man's inhumanity to man that the world is enmeshed in today.

I know the Virginia Tech campus and Blacksburg. My brother was a cadet there. It is a beautiful, peaceful part of the state. It is difficult to imagine today's carnage. It makes me wonder what is happening to us. Is it the desensitization of television and video games? Is it that we've become so isolated from reality we don't realize what we're doing to one another?

I'm sorry. I actually feel sick to my stomach. It is not going to be a pleasant evening. The news will be filled with one more horror story. All I can do is hug my husband and snuggle with my dog, close the shutters and barricade the doors. And maybe have a martini - because I'm shaken.


stebbijo said...

I hope they do a drug screen on the shooter - my guess is he may have had drugs of some type in his system - just like the shooters in the Columbine case.

This was tragic for sure with or without drugs.

Anonymous said...

I posted twice to my blog today. The second was "a haunting thought". Apropos to this tragedy. The rapid loss of civility in out society today shows, that we as a civilization are regressing, not progressing. The barbarians are not at the gate, they are among us.