Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Poor Little Rich Girl

I was thinking about Ms. Hilton this morning; how unhappy she has looked of late. Is it because she realizes she has become the icon of everything we don't want our values to represent? All wrapped up in one neat little package. I doubt it.

She is the ultimate example of the "me" generation. She is the ultimate example of our paying way too much attention to a life with no meaning. She is the ultimate example of pushing the envelope; exploiting her "friends", of success defined by who you are or who you know rather than any degree of achievement. She is a scoff law. And now she is even the ultimate example of the whining victim when her questionable charms have run their course.

At twenty six, she still has her parents running interference. Her mother is pitching an exclusive "woe is me" interview with Paris and herself, they are considering appealing to Governor Schwarzenegger to reduce her sentence, a publicist thinks her upcoming jail time will only enhance her star power. This family has far more disposable income then they deserve. Maybe they ought to sink it back into their hotel chain. Hilton isn't the brand name it once was! Of course neither is the family.

She would seem to be a text book example to which you do not want your kids to aspire. Now, if I had more time to do research than just peruse the headlines I might find a young person to serve as an icon of the opposite nature. Unfortunately they don't make the headlines often enough.

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Word Tosser said...

It is hard to feel sorry for a spoil child who has limo's waiting for her when ever she wants one... so her deal of driving is a thumbing of her nose that the law doesn't pertain to her...
Hopefully the judges, governor, and etc. show her different.