Thursday, May 03, 2007

TSA - Totally Stupendous Absurdities

I have a fellow dog loving friend in Tucson who loves to travel. This is her companion and namesake of her blog Driving Chairman Bao. He is a Shih Tzu. Our latest risk to national security.

I must admit I have not flown for quite some time. First of all I'm a white knuckle flyer. Secondly, I resent being treated like a common criminal in my own country. I remember the first time I was pulled out of line for a good going over. It was long before 9/11. It was in Phoenix and they were pulling every fifth woman out of line for a search. My response was less than lady like when the security person told me if the beeper went off she would have to pat me down. "But it's for your own protection," she defended herself. My husband, cool for an Irishman, intervened just at the right moment and warned both of us not to go there.

I know he's got the travelin' itch these days and I understand it. And he does get tired of driving everywhere. But my friend's post today just made me dig in my heels all the more.

Leaving Tucson, metal on her undergarments set off the detectors yet pooch's water bottle went undetected and unemptied. Returning from Fort Lauderdale she passed through with rings, necklace and watch. Pooch was strip searched. They even checked the little guy's privates! In Dallas she shed the necessary jewelry and passed through just fine but they had her take the dog into "the booth" for bomb detection. The air blasts were so strong her glasses were knocked off and the dog was terrified. As for why, she was told it was because her clothing was loose and they wanted to make sure she didn't have a bomb taped beneath them.

Understand this woman is my age. She is no slouch. She is a writer, holds a PHD and translates Chinese for fun. And you see her dog. What could she possibly hide on him? Bacchus he ain't!

Now, I think I have a solution to all this nonsense. Every member of every branch of government should have to shed their governmental identification. They should have to use their driver's licenses like the rest of us. There should be no special security lines for members of Congress. Stand in line like the rest of us.

And while they're at it they might extend to us the same medical coverage and retirement benefits that they have. They might also discard the contempt they show for the people who elect them thirty-two seconds after they arrive in Washington. What they might try to improve is keeping their campaign promises and using their heads before passing massive absurdities in the guise of "keeping us safe".


Word Tosser said...

Oh, for cripes sake... what did they think she brought on a mechanical stuffed dog... give me a break!!!!

Betty said...

I read that post, too, and I also wondered what they thought they would find among little Bao's private parts. I wondered, too, what Bao thought.