Thursday, June 07, 2007

Grams And Ounces

The lady is sixty-six years old, two types of arthritis, two herniated discs and an improperly healed ankle. She does not tolerate prescription meds. She uses marijuana for relief. So said the story in the Spokesman Review.

Now I must admit, I'm nearly her age and don't have a clue where to go to buy marijuana but she did. Apparently she didn't jump through all the necessary hoops to make it legal so she was ripe for arrest. It is yet unknown how the police got wind of her misadventure, but they did. Although she bought only an ounce, which is a misdemeanor offense, she was charged with a felony for being a dealer.

Why? She gave a pinch to the real dealer as a thank you so by the judgement of the officers on hand, she was the dealer. Wow.

Then you have Miss Scoff Law Hilton who has more run ins with the law than I can count. A judge finally nailed her. Off she went to serve her already reduced sentence after appearing dressed to the nines at an awards show. She lasted one night before being released to home custody due, according to her psychiatrist, to being near a break down.

My, oh my. Talk about the generation gap! I hope there's a file in Gram's pie. It may be the only way she gets out of jail! What does she lack to be in such dire straits besides good sense? Celebrity and the money that buys it!

Did I tell you about the Dutch students who have developed a powdered alcohol that can be marketed to minors because it isn't liquid? Add water and you get an 80 proof beverage. Manufacturers are clamoring for it. I don't know - maybe this is Gram positive news. It deserves some very measured scrutiny, for sure.


Big O said...

The old golden rule. The ones with the gold rules. That's the differene between the poor woman trying to get by and the spoiled little rich girl that doesn't contribute one positive thing to society.

Anonymous said...

According to the SR (not me) there is more to this story and all is not as previously reported. Meaning, again to the SR, that her involvement was a bit more felonious.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Could very well be, Wondering. It will be interesting to see if and when there is a follow up. Even I know one has to get cleared for medical marijuana use and one doesn't get it off the "street".