Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fear Factor

I was semi-dozing in the afternoon heat with one ear on the tube when someone came on explaining Michael Chertoff's poor choice of words when he said he had "a gut feeling" we in the United States may be hit with another terrorist attack this summer.

The speaker explained there is no credible threat. Don't you love that term? The statement was based on known intelligence that attacks tend to come in the summer, the increase of Al Qaeda missives and the fact that Al Qaeda has rebuilt to it's pre nine-eleven strength.

I decided to poke around the internet and see if I could get an idea of what type of threat may actually be in this country. The result is unnerving. The above map is from 2002-2003. I wonder what it may be today.

I also wonder what might be had we continued the pursuit Al Qaeda and it's leadership after 9/11 rather than shifting our sites to Iraq and it's quest for weapons of mass destruction, regime change, and "establishing democracy". I'm sure I've missed a few of the rationales. It's hard to keep count.

Click on the map to read who these organizations are. Wonder. And wait.


Phil said...

So, six years later and we have accomplished absolutely nothing?

If Al Qaeda is now stronger than they once were, then it sure sounds like THEY won the war on terror, doesn't it?

Word Tosser said...

"Gut feeling", "MAYBE","they are hear or they are coming" it is chicken little's the sky is falling attitude that will make the day it really comes .. us surprised again.
Also this man says they are stronger... yet Bush in his speech yesterday morning, says they are weaker now than 9-11. That they are still a threat, but because we are in Iraq, they are not as strong as before.
So who do we believe? It is the old "THEY SAID" deal...
No wonder the people of the USA are confused and wonder should we take it serious or not.

Word Tosser said...

hear = here

Ashley said...

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