Thursday, August 23, 2007

We Actually Elect These Guys

Idaho - one of two states where dog fighting is not a felony. Of course the Vick case has brought it to the fore.

The effort had been made before but our local legislator from a couple of miles up 95, Athol, squelched it. His reason was concern about overloading our prisons by creating another felony. This from a man who hadn't paid his federal taxes for 7 years when elected to our state house because he didn't think the feds had a constitutional right to collect them. Right. Do these folks give any thought to what they say?
If there are so many people involved in dog fighting that it would over crowd our prisons, should it not indeed be a felony?

There is another aspect to this issue that hasn't been getting a lot of play but that we ought not forget; the number of child molesters who have a history of animal cruelty. Some thirty percent. I popped my zip code into a state registry and find we have 29. Athol has 10. This is not the county nor the state - just my zip code and Athol. It may not seem like a lot but it is a statistic worth pondering; a statistic that is known.

This is in a rural area where the dirt roads lead to shanties with junkers covered in camouflage and sporting the stars and bars; where black helicopters fly and one is told to "pack" if you're going deep into the woods looking for huckleberries.

You think there just might be some dog fighting back in there?

Oh, yeah. About those over crowded jails. A local handy man is serving fourteen days for violating the open container law - a walking violation; not driving. Fourteen days!

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Word Tosser said...

Somewhere around the time of the Ted Bundy trials, there was remarks about as a child, he was tortured animals. So a reporter did a story on a study that was done, of the % of animal abuse as children, by adult crimials. It was very high. Something like 40%. That is scary. And it comes to mind every time I read about both.. the abuse and the crimials